My #ONLYOPTION is to get all the potential out of my body that I can. I want to be the greatest basketball player ever to live. Making it to the NBA and being the greatest ever is my #ONLYOPTION because I grew up in a basketball home. Everyone in my family played basketball and me being one of the youngest of my siblings, I want to be better than all of them. To me, there is no reason to play or do anything if you don’t have the mindset to be the best. I think I developed that competitive drive from watching Kobe Bryant and playing against my siblings. We just always wanted to beat each other in everything, no matter what it was; pushups, anything. Since I was a little kid , I’ve been playing basketball on the little hoops and it’s truly just in my blood. Without basketball, I don’t know what else I would be doing. Without basketball, I wouldn’t be who I am.